Summary: Australian Computer Society's Digital Pulse report

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17:11 PM

Here are the key points you need to know as a telecommunications professional.

This report, in conjunction with Deloitte, looked at the state of technology and the digital economy in Australia.

They covered:

 • An overall snapshot of the ICT workforce

 • Future demand for technology workers and skills

 • Australia's potential and growth predictions within the digital space

 • Digital investment and policy implications moving forward

Hunter Professional has summarised the key takeaways. These are detailed below.  

 • Demand for technology workers will grow by 100,000 until 2024. Particular areas of growth will be in technology within the professional services and healthcare sectors.

Technical, management and operations roles made up the majority of the occupations (close to 70%), with administration and electronic trades rounding it out.  

 • Australia's pipeline of technology workers is gradually improving, according to research. We can thank the efforts of our universities for this, with a 50% increase in enrollments in IT degrees since the late 2000s. 

More programs, like Camp Seek and Telstra's partnership with the University of Sydney ( will help continue to drive this growth 

 • Participation of women in technology is 29% of the overall workforce (this up by 1% from 2017), the first increase from 2015.  

This is pleasing, but we in the industry know more can continue to be done. Much of this has to do with effecting generational change across organisations and telecommunications veterans. 

 • Mobile technology will be worth $65 billion to the Australian economy by 2023, with improvements in digital technologies and smarter city infrastructure driving this growth. 

5G has the potential to change and accelerate this growth. And with the likes of Ericsson and Nokia leading the way for the carriers here in Australia, our digital infrastructure footprint will continue to develop.

There is so much potential for 5G. We will continue to monitor its impact with interest, both with our clients and partners.