Re-imagining the customer journey in recruitment

Posted By Ravi Rao  
00:00 AM

Do you want to be known as a company who wastes candidates' time? That's the reality for many organisations who are competing for talent right now. 

We all know the importance of the customer journey: but no-one is talking about it in a recruitment context.

As someone who speaks to candidates all day I can tell you the “candidate journey” needs a re-think.

To start with, put yourself in your candidates’ shoes and apply for the job. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Would you spend 20 minutes, an hour or two hours applying for a job? 
  • Would you attend two interviews or 10? 

(That's not a typo: I have seen companies interview 10 times). 

It's a no-brainer: of course, you would want to minimise your time spent filling out forms and the company would want to spend less time reviewing unsuitable candidates. 

I think creating a long interview process (10 in my example) is a way for companies to subtly reduce headcount hires, rather than an actual real process of vetting and assessing. 

There is also this perception that a long recruitment process will not only save your HR and Talent teams' time and give you the best result because only the dedicated and invested candidates will apply. In my opinion, this doesn’t always bring the best talent to the table which should be the key focus.

But what companies fail to understand is what they don’t know.

If you are a specialist recruiter like Hunter, you will understand the candidate market and who have applied.

It's more important to know who hasn't applied. 

As a career recruiter, I love a good process. It has helped me build my business. But I am also very practical and pragmatic about our approach and like to keep the application process real and relevant to the candidate journey. 

As a business who makes its income from having in-depth candidate knowledge of the Australian Telecommunications industry, I know that a great candidate journey will result in more happy placements.

For those HR professionals think of the candidate recruitment journey like a great corporate induction process. Statistically, the better the induction makes for better the retention and productivity outcomes. 

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