ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report

Posted By Ravi Rao  
12:10 PM

ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report

July 2019 to June 2020 Key Cyber Threats

The report collated by ASD Australian Signals Directorate, AFP Australian Federal Police and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

There are many takeaways from this Cyber Report: Some are listed below that I found interesting.

· Ransomware has become one of the most significant threats to business and government
· 5G and IoT technology platforms require new thinking to adopt these technologies securely
· Implementing ASD’s Essential Eight Security Controls will substantially reduce the risks of cyber threats
· Emails and texts from unsolicited sources are still a major threat to personal and company information
· More concerning is CaaS – Cybercrime as a service are now available on the black market to purchase. These tools used by CaaS where the domain of nation-states, but now anyone can buy them. “That is not good.”

Given this report, credible news reports and my cyber community network discussions, I for one 100% support the investment by the Australian Government into Cyber Security and Defence to protect all Australian business and individuals.