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Industry Specialisation

The Right Resources Correctly Matched To Suit Your Business Requirements

“You can rely on Hunter’s expertise, professionalism and efficiency to get your business to where it needs to be.”


Hunter’s team of highly trained and informed consultants can provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge on market trends, assist with determining specific staff requirements for your local team, provide effective staff project planning as well as tools to minimise ‘new hire’ risks.


Over the years, Hunter has witnessed the many common failures and mistakes made within the industry. Rather than going through the frustrating process of hiring the wrong people and wasting precious time, Hunter can eliminate any unnecessary stress right from the ‘get go’. We have the ability to pass on direct knowledge of ‘best practice’ to our clients and help guide you through the recruitment process quickly and easily.


Specialising in the Telco and IT industries makes us better equipped at supplying in depth knowledge of candidates, competitors and general interview performance. As a result, we’re able to gauge what is true and how candidates will perform in any given situation.

Professional Services
Industry Specialisation
HR Professional Services
Why Partner With Us

Hunter Professional Can Assist Your Business With:

  • Telecommunications Professional Services
  • ICT Design & Architecture
  • Cloud & Data Centre
  • Telecommunications Subject Matter Experts (Technology)
  • Telecommunications ICT
  • Telecommunications Vendors (Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Cisco, Alcatel, Huawei)
  • Telecommunications Cyber Security
  • Telecommunications Civil, Construction
  • Telecommunications Fixed & Wireless